Investment strategy:
Fresh Capital prefers to leverage the position and experience of the wider Group by emphasising, but not limiting itself to, sectors related to its core investments, being: fast moving consumer goods, with a specific focus on food and agribusiness and associated manufacturing and supply chain functions, and the property sector.

In order for portfolio companies to benefit fully from the Group's involvement, Fresh Capital seeks companies based in the UK. Together with board representation, this facilitates collaboration with management so as to add value to the on-going operations of the business.

As part of a Group with extensive operational experience and a track record of growing businesses, Fresh Capital is looking for:

  • companies that are revenue generating and profitable (or with a clear path to profitability) and seeking development capital to generate further growth.
  • management wishing to work closely with supportive and operationally experienced shareholders who will provide backing for appropriate MBOs and MBIs.

Fresh Capital often takes an initial minority stake either maintaining this stake until exit, or increasing its position to a majority stake holding over time with a view to building a cash generative business for the long-term.

Fresh Capital's investment time frame and strong operational experience distinguishes it from typical private equity companies.

Fresh Capital will consider investments of up to £5m, potentially through multiple rounds and will typically seek returns approximating 30% IRR and 3x capital on exit.